Mayor John Engen believes in a Missoula that’s a great place to live for all who call this city home. John has more than 2 decades’ experience working with the community to build that place.

Vision: Missoula is a great city and through high-quality development of our private and public spaces, it can only get better. Every Missoulian deserves a safe, decent place to live, great places to work and to play, and a chance to fully participate in the life of our community.

Experience: Journalist, business owner, community advocate and volunteer, City Council member, Mayor of the City of Missoula since 2005. Managed the city through the most difficult economy since the Great Depression.

Achievements: Led the City in acquiring control of the city’s water system. Championed the 2006 Open Space Bond, reformed antiquated zoning regulations, initiated Downtown Master Plan process, co-founded Missoula Economic Partnership, created Community Quality of Life initiative, addressed lingering community issues, balanced budgets, maintained and improved public facilities and safety, built relationships with broad coalition of community, state and federal partners.