One of the largest challenges facing Missoula over the next four years is making sure that this remains an affordable place to live, work, and play. John knows that in order to achieve this goal, we must have a plan to tackle the issue on multiple fronts.


  • STUDY current housing needs
  • ADAPT zoning and housing policy to respond to Missoulians’ needs
  • SUPPORT affordable housing projects in redevelopment corridors

Although rising home values in Missoula is great news for the folks who already own a home, it can be a barrier to those looking to purchase their first property. Mayor Engen has partnered with the Missoula Organization of Realtors to study the housing needs in Missoula. It’s essential that the City understand what the specific issues in housing policy are before we can create tangible change.


  • INVEST in public-private partnerships that boost wages
  • DEVELOP strong relationships with local businesses and offer support for workforce development
  • PROVIDE word-class public services to attract high paying employers

Ideally, as home values rise, so do wages, and John has worked hard with the private sector to make sure this is the case in Missoula. The Missoula Economic Partnership is continuing to marry public and private efforts to foster economic growth. The best thing the city can do moving forward is to continue to offer value to citizens and businesses, keeping Missoula the best place to work and live under the Big Sky.


  • EXAMINE current city operations
  • INVEST in and improve existing infrastructure
  • FOSTER continued economic investment

It’s hard to attract new businesses and grow the companies we have if our city’s infrastructure does not support the transit, tech, and quality of life these businesses demand. Because of John’s work to take public ownership of our water system, over $6 million of capital improvements will be made over the next several years into our water system without raising taxes. Missoula will also see over $400 million of investment in the Front Street corridor including a new state of the art conference center, and new student housing projects. John is spearheading a new initiative to gather as much data as possible about city operations. That way, whether it’s mending potholes, responding to 911 calls, or plowing streets, we know exactly where and how we can do better.