John Engen brings the experience Missoula can trust. For the past 16 years, he has successfully led our community through challenges and change. Now, he is running for reelection to continue his work to make Missoula a prosperous, safe, comfortable, vibrant home for every one of her residents and make local government work for all of us. Please join us in this campaign to reelect John Engen as Missoula’s Mayor.

Mayor Engen has a proven track record of bringing people together to create good-paying jobs and take on tough challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic. He fights to ensure Missoula gets the resources it needs, whether it is vaccinations to crush the virus or assistance in improving the city’s infrastructure. Mayor Engen is a true public servant and is the type of hard worker you want in your corner. I am proud to support him and hope you’ll join me.”

– U.S. Sen. Jon Tester 

“Throughout my time in public service, John was a trusted friend, skilled administrator, and tireless advocate for the City of Missoula.  Missoula will continue to benefit through his humble and thoughtful leadership as your city’s Mayor.”

– Former Gov. Steve Bullock 

“As a Montana mayor, I know what it takes to lead a community, make tough decisions, work with folks who disagree with me, solve problems and serve with humility and compassion. John Engen knows what it takes, too, and has been a leader other leaders learn from while he learns from us. Missoula is lucky to have an experienced, bold leader in Mayor Engen and if I were a Missoula voter, I’d be behind him all the way.”

– Helena Mayor Wilmot Collins 

“Mayor Engen has been a champion of conservation efforts. His accomplishments. range from comprehensive planning efforts to ensure that Missoula is a compact, sustainable city to restoring the city’s once-private water system to public ownership.”

– Montana Conservation Voters Action Fund 

“The Young Democrats of Montana are proud to endorse the reelection of Mayor John Engen. Mayor Engen is a proven leader with the experience and track record of progressive accomplishments that has kept Missoula moving forward. As Mayor, he will continue to make Missoula a more vibrant and inclusive community for all young Montanans to build their careers, afford a home, and start a family.”

– Big Sky Democrats 

He has been the leader we’ve needed through tough and difficult times for our city. He leads with compassion and is delivering on his vision of a vibrant, safe, healthy and welcoming community. John shares my vision for a Missoula that is welcome to all. A community where human rights are protected, and everyone is given dignity and respect. Love is love. Pure and simple. John Engen is the candidate who gets that and puts that value and belief to work for us every day.”

– State Sen. Bryce Bennett

“We enthusiastically support John Engen’s re-election for Missoula mayor. Under his leadership, Missoula has moved forward, but there is more to do and John’s the guy to do it. We have known John for decades and know him to be a compassionate and strong Leader Missoula Can Trust. Please join us in supporting John, tell your friends, and help him continue his good work.”

– Former State Sen. Carol Williams and Whitney Williams

John Engen is a smart, experienced leader who cares about all Missoulians. He is willing to tackle difficult issues, listens to what people have to say, and works thoughtfully with diverse groups to support our citizens, and maintain our community connections and lifestyle while managing growth and unprecedented challenges. I believe John is the best candidate for Missoula.”

– Katie Deuel

“There’s a reason people want to live in Missoula — it’s beautiful, accepting, and has tremendous opportunity. I’m proud of the fact that we have a mayor that has had a hand in making Missoula so special. But more importantly, Mayor Engen listens to our concerns and adjusts for us. With the experience he brings, we have someone to help us take on our challenges and build new opportunities.”

– State Senator Shane Morigeau

Additional Endorsers


Nancy E. Ball

Lucy Beighle

State Sen. Ellie Boldman

Lee Boman

Kayje Booker

Glenda Bradshaw

Tiffany Brander

Patrick Burke

Denis Burke

Amy Cilimburg

Melanie Charlston

Cindy Chumrau

Lee Conway

Margaret E. Crawford

State Rep. Willis Curdy

Thomas Daer

Andrea Davis

KD Dickinson

Charles Erickson

Jeremy Flesch

State Rep. Tom France

Charlene Frojen

Daniel Gallacher

Donna D Heilman

Carole Jensen

Barney Jette

Jean Jones

State Rep. Connie Keogh

Donna L. Koch



James V. Koch

Jack Lawson

Kia Liszak

Timothy Lovely

State Rep. Marilyn Marler

Don McCammon

Virginia Morey

Greg Munro

State Sen. Shannon O’Brien

State Rep. Andrea Olsen

Terry Payne

Alex Philp

Gretchen Philp

Marcos Puiggari

Michele Puiggari

Sally Rosenkranz

State Sen. Diane Sands

Karen Sommer

Scott Stearns

State Rep. Katie Sullivan

Jennifer Sweten

Sue Talbot

John Talbot

State Rep. Mark Thane

Barbara Theroux

John Torma

Linda Torma

Renee Valley

Glen Wood

Steve Woodruff

Hans Zuuring

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